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Your Safety Is Our Concern

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The importance of proper electrical installations in your home cannot be overstated. Everything in your home, from the lighting and appliances to your HVAC system, relies on your electrical wiring.

When you need electrical wiring service in Amityville or Massapequa, NY, trust us to get the job done right. We have experience in electrical service upgrades, wiring for remodels, interior and exterior lighting installation (including LEDs) and more.

Rely on the experts at Harbour View Electric, Inc. for your next electrical upgrade.

How to know if your wiring needs work

You may need service for your electrical installations if you notice:

Dimming or flickering lights
A burning smell or sparking outlets
A tingling sensation when touching appliances

When you notice something wrong with your electrical systems or wiring, don't hesitate to bring in a professional. Faulty or damaged wiring can be a serious safety hazard.

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